Guide To Auto Body Shop Repair Process

Auto Body Shop Repair Procedure Explained

Harry’s Auto Collision is an award-winning Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks auto body shop. We offer premium vehicle repair and maintenance services to help keep your vehicle in top condition. Our services are certified by some of the world’s top automakers and manufacturers, including Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, Lexus, Rivian, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, and Tesla.

Curious about how we keep your car in the best possible condition? Here is a step-by-step breakdown of our complete repair process. Discover the Harry’s Auto Collision difference and how you can benefit from our outstanding customer service and expertise in automotive repairs and restorations.

  1. 1. Appointment and Visual Inspection

    Book your appointment and let us provide a thorough initial assessment!
    After scheduling an appointment at one of our locations in Los Angeles or Thousand Oaks, Harry’s Auto Collision team will discuss your concerns and gather information about your vehicle’s issues. You’ll provide details about the incident and the causes of your vehicle’s damage.

    Once we have gathered your information, our team will conduct an initial visual inspection. Our technicians will carefully examine every element of your vehicle and document all visible signs of damage, such as on the body panels, bumpers, lights, auto glass, wheels, and tires. After the assessment, we’ll provide you with a quote and an estimated time to completion

  2. 2. Confirmation

    Review our estimate and schedule a drop-off date to start repairs.

    After completing our inspection, we’ll give you a detailed repair estimate, including explanations of all necessary repairs, replacement parts, and associated costs. Please review the estimate and confirm you’ll leave your vehicle with us for repairs. We will then schedule a drop-off date to start the repair work.

    If your repairs involve an insurance claim, we will also contact your insurance company to obtain approval before starting the repairs.

  3. 3. Pre-Washing, Scanning, and Disassembly

    We’ll clean the vehicle, run diagnostics, and start disassembly to fully assess its condition.

    After confirming the repairs and dropping off your vehicle at one of our locations, the team at Harry’s Auto Collision will start by pre-washing it. This process will clean dirt and debris off your vehicle’s surface, revealing all visual damage. Then, we will use an OBD-II scanner or an equivalent diagnostics tool to read the vehicle’s computer and look for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). We will disassemble body panels and accessories to check the car’s overall structural integrity and look for hidden damage.

    Completing this step allows us to gain a comprehensive view of your vehicle’s condition. It lets our certified technicians map out all potential damage, including external, internal, and malfunctioning or missing parts.

  4. 4. Part Ordering

    Harry’s Auto Collision orders premium OEM parts to guarantee perfect fit and factory-fresh performance.

    Once we have a complete overview of the damage, our technicians at Harry’s Auto Collision will establish a list of every part your vehicle needs to complete the repairs. Our standard repair process focuses on restoring your vehicle to its original factory condition and performance with manufacturer-branded or approved parts only.

    As a certified auto body shop for over 10 manufacturers, Harry’s Auto Collision has access to numerous original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts catalogs. If we don’t already carry the parts your car needs, we will order them and let you know how long it will take until we receive them.

    We will never use lower-quality aftermarket components from unknown third parties. If you need or want non-OEM parts, let us know in advance; we can use parts supplied by you or recommend high-quality aftermarket parts manufacturers.

  5. 5. Establishing a Repair Plan

    Our team will build a complete repair plan and explain it to you in detail so you can review it.

    At Harry’s Auto Collision, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service. Our team will develop a detailed repair plan after building the complete list of parts your car needs to finalize the repair. This plan contains an itemized list of repair procedures, what parts each procedure needs, how long we estimate each task will take to complete, and an initial cost estimate that includes labor and services.

    Our technicians will communicate the plan with you so you can go over every detail with the transparency you deserve. If you need to know more about a particular process or a repair technique, we can explain what it involves or how it works. For example, we may propose Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) instead of a full bumper replacement to treat minor scratches, saving you time and money.

  6. 6. Body Work and Part Replacement

    The technicians at Harry’s Auto Collision will restore your vehicle’s body panels, structural elements, and components.

    Once you approve a repair plan that meets your needs, our skilled and certified technicians will execute it with precision. Our systematic process covers every detail, ensuring your vehicle is restored to factory-new condition. We are trained and certified to perform the following tasks:

    • Repairing the chassis, frame, and other structural elements
    • Repairing or replacing damaged body panels, auto glass parts, headlights, and taillights
    • Replacing parts and components with factory new OEM units or the trustworthy aftermarket parts of your choice
    • Advanced aluminum repair services, including welding, refinishing, heat treatment, aluminum panel dent removal, and realignments
    • Carbon fiber repair services, including relayering, curing, material matching, and full part replacements
    • Specialized repair services for electric vehicles (EVs), including electric motors, batteries, and software updates
  7. 7. Paint Work and Refinishing

    Our technicians will oversee paint repairs and refinishing to restore your car’s appearance.

    Once structural and body repairs are complete, our trained and certified technicians at Harry’s Auto Collision will perform paint repairs and refinishing. We offer comprehensive paint services, from touch-ups in lightly damaged areas to full paint repairs and restoration. We can also perform full repriming, paint reapplication, and clear coat repairs to shield your new paint from the elements and make your car look showroom fresh again.

    Our manufacturer certifications give us access to each manufacturer’s paint code catalog. It allows our standard repair procedure to include 100% color matching to your vehicle’s make, model, and paint code. This service lets us restore your car’s original appearance and aesthetic appeal.

  8. 8. Reassembly

    Once all parts and elements have received the repairs or replacements they need, we’ll reassemble your car.
    Harry’s Auto Collision is committed to providing unmatched service and craftsmanship. Our service quality extends past body work and paint repairs and includes careful reassembly of your car’s components. Our technicians will complete each step of the reassembly process according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations, ensuring proper alignment and fitment.

  9. 9. Post-Repair QC

    Harry’s Auto Collision’s quality control process ensures your car drives and performs perfectly post-repair.

    At Harry’s Auto Collision, we don’t just complete repairs; we ensure your car functions, drives, and performs exactly as you expect. Once we complete the repair plan, we move on to Quality Control (QC) tasks, which include:

    • Complete post-repair visual inspection to ensure all parts are installed and aligned correctly
    • Function-testing of the car’s onboard systems, including lights, sensors, cameras, and infotainment unit
    • Diagnostics testing with OBD-II scanners to ensure all error codes have been addressed
    • Testing and recalibration of electronic and driver assistance systems
    • Road testing of steering, suspension, and engine components

    If we notice any issues or need to perform extra repairs during the post-repair QC period, we will notify you in advance and inform you of the new estimated time to completion.

  10. 10 Final Inspection and Delivery

    We’ll give your car a final check before pickup. Review our work and see the Harry’s Auto difference for yourself.

    After the technicians at Harry’s Auto complete the post-repair quality control procedure, your vehicle is considered fully repaired. We will conduct a final visual inspection to ensure no additional repairs or adjustments are needed. One of our technicians will then contact you to let you know that your vehicle is ready for pickup.

    When you arrive to collect your vehicle, our team will review the entire repair process with you. We’ll confirm that every repaired or replaced component functions as expected. We may also offer a test drive so you can experience the car’s post-repair performance to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.

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Harry’s Auto Collision is an I-CAR Gold Class premium auto body shop in Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks. Our team of technicians is I-CAR Platinum-rated, ASE-certified, and trained to meet the requirements of the world’s best luxury carmakers.

Whether you’ve been in a fender-bender or a major auto accident, you can feel safe leaving your vehicle in our capable hands. We will repair it back to its original factory specifications with the care, professionalism, and attention to detail it deserves.

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