Harry’s Auto Collision is The Exclusive Tesla Cybertruck Certified Auto Body Shop in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

Harry’s Auto Collision Now Cybertruck Certified

Owners of Tesla vehicles in the Los Angeles area may be already familiar with Harry’s Auto Collision, a manufacturer-certified auto body shop in L.A. and Thousand Oaks.

Today, as Tesla continues delivering Cybertrucks to new owners across the United States, fans of the electric truck have one more reason to visit Harry’s Auto Body Shop. The Thousand Oaks location is currently the only Tesla auto body shop certified to handle the Cybertruck from Santa Barbara to the San Fernando Valley.

The Tesla Cybertruck

Few vehicles have made as many waves as the Tesla Cybertruck has in recent history. The carmaker currently produces over 1,000 vehicles every week at Gigafactory Texas to meet growing demand.

As the latest and one of the most anticipated Teslas, it stands apart from the carmaker’s lineup in many ways. It is Tesla’s first electric pick-up truck, and its naming and design are a departure from previous models.

Instead of a traditional chassis or body-on-frame construction, the Cybertruck features an exoskeleton manufactured of 300-series cold-rolled stainless steel. This factor alone gives the Cybertruck not only its unique, Blade Runner-worthy appearance, but also unparalleled durability from impacts, dents, and everyday wear and tear.

The all-wheel-drive drivetrain, electric motor, and battery system can accelerate the Cybertruck from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. Its EPA-estimated maximum range is 340 miles, or 470 miles with the range extender. The Cybertruck is also fitted with durable all-terrain tires, Tesla Armor Glass windows, and an extra-large 6’ x 4’ bed.

Harry’s Auto Collision Now Cybertruck Certified

Harry’s Auto Collision, a Tesla-certified auto body shop, has been in Los Angeles for 50 years and in Thousand Oaks since 2010. The company has witnessed the launch of the first-generation Tesla Roadster and is trained to service all models that have been released since.

Today, the Harry’s Auto team is proud to announce the Thousand Oaks team is fully certified to service the Cybertruck. It is currently the only auto body shop with Cybertruck certification anywhere from Santa Barbara to the San Fernando Valley. This is a huge benefit for Tesla owners in the region, as they were previously required to extend their driving distances into downtown Los Angeles.

“We’ve always been Tesla fans, so this is an honor and a great opportunity for us,” says Jack Barseghian, general manager at Harry’s Auto Collision in Thousand Oaks. “The Cybertruck is built, unlike any other vehicle on the road, whether you look at it from the point of view of design, construction, or technology. That’s why our team has received special training from Tesla to service, repair, and maintain the Cybertruck. We’re proud to be an important part of the Cybertruck community in Southern California.”

Cybertruck Services Available at Harry’s Auto Collision

Cybertruck repairs and maintenance are unlike any other motor vehicle available today. The latest member of the Tesla lineup requires its own repair procedures due to its advanced materials and unique construction. The team at Harry’s Auto Collision in Thousand Oaks has been fully certified by Tesla to provide 100% manufacturer-compliant repairs, parts replacement, and other services.

  • OEM parts replacement. As one of the only Tesla Cybertruck-certified auto body shops in the area, Harry’s Auto Collision is the place to source new parts and components. The technicians can install and replace any Tesla OEM part, from body panels to lights, wheels, tires, suspension systems, battery system parts, and powertrain components.
  • Armor Glass repairs and replacement. One of the most unique features of the Cybertruck is its Armor Glass windows and windshield. They are manufactured from multiple thick layers of materials engineered to resist extreme impacts, making them very different from typical automotive glass. The Harry’s Auto Collision Thousand Oaks team has received training and access to Tesla’s part catalog, allowing them to perform Cybertruck window repairs, adjustments, and replacements.
  • Structural and exoskeleton repairs. Tesla’s cold-rolled stainless steel exoskeleton is designed to maximize the Cybertruck’s impact durability and dent resistance. A collision or long-term wear and tear can eventually scratch, dent, degrade, and damage the Cybertruck’s unique body panels. Harry’s Auto Collision has received the special training necessary to disassemble, repair, and reassemble them, preserving the Tesla truck’s practicality.
  • Paint and wrap customization. The Cybertruck’s unique appearance comes from Tesla’s decision to manufacture the body out of unpainted, uncoated stainless steel. Owners looking to customize their vehicle’s appearance can count on Harry’s Auto Collision. Our team is trained to apply Tesla’s OEM color wrap or a 100% custom paint job or wrap, providing Cybertruck owners with a complete suite of customization options.

Get Your Cybertruck Serviced at Harry’s Auto Collision

Harry’s Auto Collision is a fully Tesla-approved, i-CAR Gold Class, and ASE-certified auto body shop. Our team of i-CAR Platinum technicians are trained to the highest standards of professionalism and continuously receive the latest manufacturer training and education. You can trust our team to provide your Cybertruck with the care, maintenance, and service it deserves. Contact us now or call our Thousand Oaks location at (805) 557-1070 to book an appointment.

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